President's Message


MAY 7, 2020

COVID-19: Message to Members

On March 26th, I reported on the initial steps we took at CoreNet Global Canadian Chapter in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. I wish to provide an update on work to-date and our focus in the coming months.

The impact of the pandemic both here in Canada and across the globe is unprecedented in our lifetimes. The scale and impact of this crisis is unique in so many ways. How rare it is to have a single event that produces such a devastating impact on almost every country across the globe. With all the bad that has come from this virus, there has been a lot of good as well. Every day we see examples of people demonstrating resilience, courage and compassion, not the least of which has been from our selfless frontline health care workers, first responders and those that have kept our essential businesses operating.

With the near shutdown of the global economy and the growing toll the coronavirus outbreak is having on the health and well being of our communities, we here at the Canadian Chapter are trying to balance our need to promote engagement within the Corporate Real Estate industry, with the reality that the priorities of our members and sponsors have shifted drastically over the past eight weeks. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and are looking to our government and health care professionals for guidance on how best to protect the well being of our members. This is becoming increasingly important as we start to see restrictions connected to the COVID-19 pandemic relaxed as our government begins to reopen the economy.

As mentioned in my earlier message, we postponed all our events previously scheduled for March and April. We have since made the decision to cancel all in-person events throughout the spring and summer months. And we will continue to monitor and make adjustments as necessary.

We made the difficult decision to cancel our 2020 Golf Classic. We look forward to bringing back this highly anticipated annual event next year, making it bigger and better than before.

Over the past several weeks, we have provided a few webinar style programming events. The response has been fantastic, and we will continue to provide virtual events to both members and non-members over the coming months. I would encourage all of you to check out and register for our weekly Webinar series, COVID-19: Changing Office Use and Design. More information is available on our Canadian Chapter Events webpage.
On April 24th we held an information webinar on our accelerated Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) professional development program; a first of its kind for Canada. Due to strong support to-date we are continuing with our planned June 2020 launch, albeit slightly modified with more virtual course offerings. Please visit our Events page to view the webinar and to find out how to register.

Finally, I wish to thank our staff, our volunteers, and my fellow Leadership Council members for your combined effort in continuing to serve our CRE community during these unprecedented times. You have quickly adapted to the evolving situation and have used our technology and digital capabilities in finding new and creative ways to serve our members.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and partnership during this time.

Mike Millar
President, CoreNet Global Canadian Chapter


MARCH 25, 2020.

COVID-19: Message to Members

Like all of you, I am monitoring the coronavirus pandemic that is posing a health crisis across the globe. The coming weeks will certainly be an important time for us in Canada as we get a better sense as to the speed and severity of the spread of the virus within our borders.  

It was only two weeks ago that we held our Workplace Diversity Breakfast Event in Toronto to coincide with International Women’s Day. I do not think any of us in attendance that day could have anticipated what would unfold in the next 24 hours and the days to follow. How rapidly things change.

As all of you will be aware, on March 16th we notified our members that after careful consideration we made the decision to postpone all Canadian Chapter events previously scheduled for the months of March and April. We are monitoring news and information coming from our federal, provincial and local governments daily to ensure we are doing our part to protect our industry and our communities, particularly as they relate to both recommended and compulsory directives on social distancing and public gatherings.

The Canadian Chapter continues to function with remote offices, online meetings and telephone calls. The Leadership Council is working diligently with staff and our volunteers to develop and implement appropriate contingency plans for the remainder of the year. As the outbreak continues to unfold, we will keep you updated on how this impacts our Canadian Chapter organization through our regular communication channels. We are also posting a variety of COVID-19 information and resources on our Canadian Chapter web page. Please stay tuned for further updates.

I encourage everyone to stay well and be diligent as you follow the advice of our public health agencies.

Mike Millar
President, CoreNet Global Canadian Chapter        



It is a pleasure and honour to serve as President of CoreNet Global Canadian Chapter (“CoreNet Global”).

CoreNet Global is a 100% volunteer Leadership Council with a mission to advance the effectiveness of Corporate Real Estate professionals and the entire industry engaged in delivering value to corporations through the strategic management of corporate real estate and workplace resources. CoreNet serves a unique role in the commercial real estate industry. We are the only global real estate industry association solely dedicated to the Corporate Real Estate profession. Therefore, we have a critical role to play in advancing the practice of corporate real estate throughout Canada. We need to continue to build respect and awareness for our young profession. Through various mediums, such as programming events, the CoreNet Summit, research papers, publications, networking events, and alliances with post-secondary educational institutions, we have two important roles; we contribute to advancing CRE knowledge, and we also formally recognize the great work of others in CRE.

The Corporate Real Estate industry, like so many others, is experiencing an unprecedented level of disruption.

The rapid pace of technological advances, the greater importance placed on maximizing the employee experience, and a business environment that demands that CRE leaders drive improvements in efficiencies and value-added effectiveness, means that the solutions deployed five or ten years ago have little relevance to solving the problems of today and tomorrow. CoreNet Global provides a mechanism—the best mechanism--for end-users, service providers and owners to come together to share ideas and develop the Corporate Real Estate solutions of tomorrow.

I am humbled by the talent that surrounds me at the Leadership Council table, among our many volunteers, and our small but dedicated management staff that keep our association functioning on a day-to-day basis. Each member of our team contributes in a meaningful way to advance the great work of CoreNet Global and the industry. While I will not list them individually, you may view our entire roster of Leadership Council members on our website.

This past year was a momentous one for our association as we expanded some initiatives already underway and commenced new initiatives in other areas. As an example, in 2019 we delivered a total of 10 programming events, including our REmmy Awards Gala and our Golf Classic, increasing our programming offerings by over 50% from what we offered just three years ago. The June Diversity & Inclusion CRE Industry Breakfast was precedent-setting in two respects: First, it was the first time in our history that CoreNet Global, BOMA, NAIOP, REALPAC, Toronto CREW and ULI collaborated on a programming event. Second, it was the first time in recent memory that any Canadian real estate industry association has held an event entirely focused on LGBTQ issues.

This year the Leadership Council will continue to provide a variety of quality, topical programming events, and facilitate dialogue and cross-pollination of ideas among our diverse professional network. We will continue to place a significant amount of resources into the planning, funding and delivery of our REmmy Awards Gala and Golf Classic; two events that are always a highlight on the Corporate Real Estate calendar. We will be deliberate in expanding CoreNet Global’s presence to other regions outside the GTA and Montreal to better serve all our members from coast to coast. We will bring additional CoreNet Global professional development courses to Canada with an emphasis on the full suite of courses necessary for one to earn their MCR designation. Lastly, but certainly not least, we will develop and execute a long-term strategy to improve the marketing, communications and branding of CoreNet Global to attract attention to our great organization, our profession, and our contribution to the business.

As a volunteer-based association, we rely on the generous support of dozens of Corporate Real Estate professionals to deliver on our mandate. There is no better way to give back to your Corporate Real Estate profession than to get involved in CoreNet Global. Please consider becoming a member, volunteering for one of our many committees, serving on Leadership Council, attending or sponsoring a CoreNet Global event, or simply by communicating our mandate to other real estate professionals, other business professionals, and throughout the ranks of the C-suite and corporate executive teams.
On behalf of the CoreNet Global Canadian Chapter, thank you for your continued support.

Mike Millar
President, CoreNet Global Canadian Chapter